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Reviews for Gym Nation training by members


“A world class training facility”

Gym Nation is a world class training facility with a highly intelligent and accommodating staff/owners. The facility itself is top notch. I have never seen a box this well kept, organized, and clean. Each time I walk in I get the same “new car feel” that I got the first time I walked in for Ido Portal’s seminar. Everyone at the seminar was blown away with the upkeep of the gym and the high standard the staff maintains, including Ido himself, a man who is notoriously difficult to impress. As Ido said, the gym has everything you need to train at a world class level – gymnastics equipment (rings with high strap mounts, parallettes and dip bars, floor space, pull-up rigs, crash pads, etc.), high quality Olympic weightlifting equipment (Pendlay and Rogue), conditioning tools (airdynes, Concept 2 rowers), plyo boxes, heavy bags and Muay Thai setup, etc, etc., not to mention an awesome bathroom/shower area. Very impressive. The facilities are a direct reflection of the owners and the training staff. I have the most experience with George, one of the owners, and Alex, one of the trainers. Both of these guys are progressive thinkers who refuse to be confined by a single methodology (CrossFit specifically). They program intelligently based on what their clients need rather than what is popular in the fitness space. They pull insight from many disciplines and have a well rounded program. I’ve trained with and coached a handful of world level CrossFit athletes and come from one of the most accomplished CF boxes in the world, and I recognize quality when I see it… Gym Nation is an impressive place all around, and I highly recommend it. To George and the rest – thanks so much for letting me train with you guys. It’s been a pleasure.

- Cody S

“A comprehensive approach to functional fitness”

Gym Nation is not just a gym, it represents a high level dedication to the pursuit of physical betterment. An evolutionary progression from conventional gym training into a comprehensive approach to functional fitness, workouts incorporate multifunctional strength and conditioning movements aimed at improving strength, stamina, endurance and resistance. Gym Nation has elevated my training to a level I could never have achieved on my own. This gym is not for everyone but for those who try it out and enjoy it I guarantee you will never look back.

- Jake P

“Every workout feels like an individual personal training session”

I am a huge fan of Gym Nation and the Gym Nation workouts. Every workout feels like an individual personal training session and by the end you feel an awesome sense of achievement which has become immensely addictive. What I also like about it is that correct form is always more important than speed or strength. Plus, I feel like my body has become more injury proof because we are always working different muscles in different ways. It may sound intimidating, but even if you aren’t that fit, but love getting an exercise buzz this place is for you. Oh, and all the members are really fun and nice.

- Leesa W

“I’ts awesome fun! … great results from this style of training”

Since my first session at Gym Nation I was absolutely hooked. I couldn’t bear to walk through the doors of a conventional gym again after experiencing this kind of training. The staff are so friendly and the trainers take the time to teach you correct form and push you to work hard no matter what your fitness level. The Gym Nation Workouts incorporate strength and endurance training to offer a full body workout and the gym has top of the range equipment. Muay Thai is also offered, which combined with the Gym Nation Workouts totally intensifies your training! And it’s awesome fun! Not only will you see great results from this style of training, you will also be a part of a community of supportive and really lovely people.

- Amelia R

“Meticulous planning of the workouts ensures all muscle groups and workout intensities are programmed each week”

Gym Nation pushes you to (what you thought were) your absolute boundaries… and then to your TRUE boundaries.. plus more! The best part is they do it in a manner that leaves you only wanting more! I have been at Gym Nation for about two months now and have noticed considerable gains in my strength and cardio fitness – which I was not expecting having come straight from another high intensity gym. The trainers are able to work you hard with out getting on your nerves! And the other members are incredibly friendly. I’m always left feeling energised and happy after my Gym Nation Workout. The meticulous planning of the workouts ensures all muscle groups and workout intensities are programmed each week and that all levels of fitness are accounted for. Absolutely love it and you will too!

- Bianca C

“Massive gains… in Functional strength and most of all Fitness levels”

I have been attending Gym Nation from the start. And my experience at the gym has just got better and better. The Workouts are challenging, fun and extremely tough, and brings a great deal of satisfaction to complete each one. The Gym itself is by far the coolest gym around, with its unique setting and top of the range equipment. I have experienced massive gains at Gym Nation, in functional strength and most of all Fitness levels. For me its more than more a gym, with a great sense of community, you will instantly feel right at home with its friendly staff, and expert and motivating Trainers.

- Ronan P

“Achieved better results than i ever expected…”

I have been attending Gym Nation for a few months and have achieved better results than I ever expected, including weight loss, but mainly improved strength and endurance. I have tried many other gyms over the years and never experienced such gains before. All the staff are super friendly yet professional and motivating, and the Strength & Conditioning Workouts have presented an unbelievable range of exercises that have been fun but also challenging and rewarding. They have a great range of quality equipment and a strong focus on ensuring correct form and safe techniques.

- Nick T

“Uber cool gym in Brisbane”

Uber cool gym in a new york style warehouse setting. Never seen anything like it in Brisbane. The workouts are really tough, they are designed to challenge you, and the results have been fantastic. If you are up for a challenge, i seriously recommend trying the Gym Nation strength and conditioning workout.

- Anna L

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