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No Contracts

Gym Nation is a community for those who dedicate themselves to serious fitness. We believe your commitment should be to your training and not to a restrictive membership contract. That’s why we have no contracts & no joining fees.

Why Join

At Gym Nation you’re not just joining any Brisbane gym, you are joining a community of like minded, dedicated fitness enthusiasts. Even if you’re new to fitness we’re here for the long haul, to guide your fitness journey and more importantly support our community. Read more on the benefits of joining a gym here.

Rules of the Gym

In order to ensure that all members enjoy their time at Gym Nation, we ask that you observe the following rules in the gym.

1.   Be on time – please ensure that you arrive at least 5 minutes before the commencement of the workout. As all our workouts are class based, it can be disruptive to other members and to the overall functioning of the class to walk in late.

2.   Listen to, and follow all the instructions of the trainers. They are there to lead, direct and supervise the class. They are also there to instruct, guide and encourage you. Let them do their job.

3.   You are responsible for your own fitness, health and safety – advise a trainer if you need to pull back or you aren’t comfortable with a workout.

4.   Wear appropriate clothing and protective footwear, and always bring a towel to each workout. A water bottle is also a great idea.

5.   We are very proud of the wide range of equipment we have assembled and we are sure that you will enjoy training with it. However, please respect our equipment and don’t mistreat it under any circumstances.

6.   Please ensure that all equipment is returned to its proper place at the conclusion of each workout. If required, please also wipe it down after use.

7.   Do not bring bags and mobile phones into a workout. We are happy to look after your personal belongings while you workout. Not only do bags present a safety hazard, the sound of a mobile phone ringing can be disruptive to both you and others.

8.   Please refrain from using foul language – it is inappropriate.

9.   Be a proud member of the Gym Nation community. Be courteous and friendly to other members of the Gym. When outside the gym, respect our neighbours.

10.   When you come to a workout, be prepared to give your best effort. Not only will you progress more quickly, you will feel more satisfied with your results.




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