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Gym Nation offers an unparalleled training experience which is unique to our gym in West End Brisbane. Our workouts are setting a new standard in functional fitness. The training is challenging, intense and requires commitment to SERIOUS FITNESS. Every workout is unique and combine whole body exercises under the supervision of expert trainers. Our members have embraced training at Gym Nation as a lifestyle choice. They turn up, train hard and reap the rewards of a structured well-crafted workout. The results have been extraordinary.

Find out more about Gym Nation training:

- Muay Thai: increase speed and agility while learning self defense using a combination of bag and pad work. Includes jabs, punches, hooks, uppercuts, kicks, knees and more

- Strength & Conditioning : high intensity training designed to challenge the whole body with cardio, strength and resistance exercises. Includes rowing, push ups, olympic lifts, rope climbs, box jumps, kettlebells, cycling and more

Visit us at 1/88 Victoria St, West End Brisbane for a tour of the gym. We look forward to seeing you there!


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