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Group Fitness – Personal Training doesn’t have to be a solo affair

Group fitness provides the benefits of personal training with the camaraderie of training as a team. At Gym Nation we have the best group fitness instructors in Brisbane dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals regardless of your age, shape or fitness level.

Our specific types of group fitness training are optimised in group settings: from our martial arts style workouts like Muay Thai, to our specialised Gym Nation strength and conditioning classes using suspension bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, pull up bars and more

All our group fitness training classes are directed, structured and supervised by highly qualified trainers who understand functional fitness and proper exercise technique and movement. We are so serious about improving your fitness, that we provide a three part induction program as part of your membership so you can learn the proper techniques so you can train with intensity when you join the group fitness class.

At Gym Nation our group fitness sessions cater to all fitness levels from beginners, to advanced, and to the insanely fit. Our exercises are completed with free form body movements and adjustable equipment so you can work to your own fitness level. Remember, the only person you are competing with is you  – be better than the last time, and be the best you can be.

Check out our group fitness classes:

-         Muay Thai

-         Strength & Conditioning Workout


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