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What is Functional Training

Functional training is exercise aimed at developing the body to handle real life physical activities. To be functionally fit means you can balance, run, jump, lift and perform physical activities with endurance, stability, mobility and ease.

A key component of functional fitness training is focused on building core strength and developing muscle groups to work together. This is in contrast to traditional gym equipment and exercises which focus on isolating and working on individual muscles.

Functional training exercises are varied and may include sprints, body weight exercises,  rope climbs, box jumps, and exercises using  cable machines, barbells, dumbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, rowing machines and suspension systems.


Functional Training at Gym Nation

Gym Nation is a functional fitness training centre in West End Brisbane. We provide directed, structured and supervised group and personal training from highly qualified trainers who understand functional fitness and proper exercise technique and movement. Our facility  is dedicated to maximising your fitness, whether you are here to train for a sport or for general well-being. Play the video below to view functional training at Gym Nation.



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