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There is drink that is scientifically proven to keep you hydrated, helps flush toxins out of your body and helps keep your body in good working order.
Its suitable for everybody including vegetarians and it is recommended for regular consumption.

Benefits are;
Calorie free
No Artificial Flavours
Sugar Free
Gluten free

I am talking of course about water. We all know that we have to drink it but so many of us are not drinking enough of it. Drinking water is crucial to keep the body functioning well. I am not talking about just staying alive, drinking sufficient water aids digestion, flushing out toxins and keeps you energised.

Dehydration leads to lack of concentration, cramps, irritability and can affect your immune system. Headaches are a common sign of dehydration and too many of us turn to medicating ourselves with drugs. Sometimes the solution to the problem is a simple one. Making sure you are properly hydrated throughout the day might be the key for a lot of us.

Drinking 2 litres per day is usually the most common recommendation as some research claims. This suggestion seems quite arbitrary, as it really does depend entirely on your lifestyle. How much you exercise and the intensity in which you train, climate, age and health conditions will all have an effect on the amount the body needs.

There will be lots of us that will admit that they are not drinking enough water. Keep a bottle nearby and make sure to stay hydrated, you body will thank you for it.



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