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Rumble Rollers

A couple of people have asked me about the Rumble Rollers. Here’s a little bit about what the rumble rollers do, and why use them.

There is a layer of fibrous tissue known as fascia that surrounds muscles, blood vessels, nerves, your whole body is encased in this fascia. It’s job is binding structures together as well as assisting others to slide smoothly over one another when you move. When the facia gets tight it can create ‘trigger points’ or ‘knots’, these are muscle fibres which have become extremely contracted. This in turn can cause aching or pain which can be referred to other areas, restrict movement and eventually cause injury.

This is where the Rumble Rollers come in. These are great tools for self-myofacial release, which is a fancy term for self massage. The Rumble Rollers help to soften up the fascia that can stiffen up, elongate the muscle as well as create better blood flow to aid recovery.

It can hurt at first, this is normal. If you find that the black Rumble Rollers are too intense, then try the blue, these ones are slightly softer. You will find that there are certain areas that are more tender than others. Spend more time at these points and massage out the knots.

Use the time your in the gym early effectively. Grab a roller and and work on parts of the body that need it. It can ease muscle stiffness from previous workouts by increasing the blood flow to that area and stretch it out. Use it as part of your recovery days or after a workout.

Happy Rolling.

Gym Nation Rumble Rollers


Rumble Rollers are available for purchase at Gym Nation. Give us a call or ask at the front desk when you are next in.


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