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Grip Strength

Grip Strength can have an impact on so many lifts and exercises. The lack of grip strength could mean that you’re not getting your maximum potential out of the larger muscle groups because your hands just can’t hold on to the weight. Take Dead Lifts for example, if you haven’t got a strong grip, then your probably going to have to let go of the bar long before your legs and back are going to fatigue.
That’s why we program Farmer Carry Holds and Walks in our workouts. We can use these types of exercises to supplement other movements which require solid grip strength.
The Dead Hang is not only for improving shoulder mobility and range of movement, but is also a great tool for improving your grip.
Even the Bottoms Up Press has a grip strength element to it. As well has improving shoulder instability and building muscular control, the Bottoms Up Press requires a crush grip to keep the KettleBell upside down as you press the bell upwards.

Improving your grip maybe the answer to some of the plateaus you maybe having.

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