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Serious Commitment

Gym Nation in West End Brisbane is a community for those who dedicate themselves to serious fitness. The intense style of our fitness may not suit everyone but for those who are committed,  our facility  is dedicated to maximising your fitness, whether you are here to train for a sport or for general well-being.  Gym Nation is a place devoted to the ability to progress and achieve.

Your commitment should be to your training and not to a restrictive membership contract. That’s why at Gym Nation we have a no contracts policy.

Serious Training

We provide directed, structured and supervised group and personal training from highly qualified trainers who understand functional fitness and proper exercise technique and movement. Training regimes are tailored to promote true strength and fitness. Our commitment is to help you achieve this goal, not just for now, but for life. The training is not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. The training, however,  is rewarding and the results well earned.

Serious Equipment

We understand that people who are serious about fitness are uncompromising with the quality of equipment they train with. At Gym Nation, we have invested in a wide range of gym equipment we believe is best suited to deliver functional exercise that focuses on natural movement.  We only use the best equipment from respected manufacturers.  You will also be inspired by the level of detail we have considered to create the ideal training arena. We have eliminated the possibility the equipment will in anyway limit your performance, the rest is now up to you!


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